Monday, October 18, 2010


So today for ENG 101 we were to meet out side of our schools most popular library, Hayden Library.
I have never even been inside of this place but it is very interesting, it is underground which feels strange but nice at the same time. I had no idea this place was so busy all the time. Many people use this place like I use my dorm, everything from eating to facebooking to writing papers I have seen. All of this is the boring stuff so ill move on.
I have already seen two middle aged men just sitting and watching people. I don't really know their intentions but wow. One was eating a sandwich and made perfect eye contact with me and locked on to it. Both unmoving we stared at one another for a good 15 seconds. I hate when that happens, not because I find it weird but it was like he was challenging me. He was calling me out from across the room with no reason at all. Is this why people like him sit in public places just watching? It seems like it is their own social experiment.



  1. lol at the random staring contest

  2. great blog, thanks for sharring

  3. underground library due to the insane heat?

    i recently took a short trip and my friend told me almost all the schools in phoenix are indoors so the kids wont melt. ha

  4. Eh, it can be fun to people watch every now and then, but I'd never go to the extent of those creepy men. At least make an effort to be discreet if you are going to watch people.

    I had a communications class where we had to do people observations. The assignment was watch a person or a group of people in a public setting and write down their actions and interpret what you think of them. I just bullshitted it personally, and got an A, but some people's observations I heard were really interesting.

  5. People-watching is one thing, people-staring-down is another entirely. And people-watching-when-you're-clearly-not-supposed-to-be-there, well...

  6. Probably just spacing out. I zone out and then realise I've been looking at someone's thighs for 5 minutes.